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DeFiance Capital

Bridging East & West Across the Digital Assets Frontier with Proven Results

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A Crypto-Native Investment Firm

We are one of the most active and recognised Web 3 & Crypto-focused investment firms globally with successful investments across the digital assets space.

We’ve backed category leading DeFi, gaming and infrastructure projects such as Aave, dYdX, Lido, Axie Infinity, Layer Zero and Offchain Labs (Arbitrum). And have become a trusted partner and advisor for a dozen others.



Infrastructure and Platforms

Gaming & Metaverse

About us

DeFiance Capital is a premier digital asset investment firm that combines crypto-native expertise with an institutional-grade approach to deliver superior returns in the rapidly evolving digital asset space. Our strategy is anchored in proven fundamentals, first-rate research and analytics, and a contrarian mindset that allows us to identify and capitalize on unique opportunities.

Our leadership team comprises seasoned multi-cycle investors who have navigated the crypto landscape since 2016-2018. This wealth of experience, coupled with our team’s proficiency in on-chain analysis and protocol developments.

At DeFiance Capital, we pride ourselves on our institutional-grade setup, which encompasses robust trade execution, secure custody, comprehensive risk management, stringent regulatory compliance, and thorough due diligence.

As trusted advisors in the community, we actively advocate for projects within and beyond our portfolio. By fostering strong relationships and sharing knowledge, we aim to influence the direction of the industry while pioneering narratives and expressing our investment stance.

Our team’s linguistic diversity, with over 5 languages gives us a global perspective from both Eastern and Western markets.

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